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RB SOD SERVICES, INC. in Seffner, FL sells and installs both sod and mulch. We also offer top soil and rocks for your garden. Keep your lawn in tip-top shape with one of our products. When you deal with us, you can be sure that you get what you pay for.

The services we offer focus on the beautification and maintenance of your lawn. Make sure your yard is in the state that you want it to be. Your lawn is our business, and our services help make sure your garden is at its best.

Our Services:

  • Irrigation Repair
  • Mulch Installation
  •  Sod sales to the public

  • Resodding
  • Sod Installation
  • FLORATAM $225.00 (500 SF)
  •  BAHIA $115.00 (400 SF)
  •  SHADE TOLERANT $240.00
  •  Shade sod is not recommended to install on raining season.
  •   ZOYSIA $285.00 (400 SF)
  •  ST. Augustine by piece $3.00
  •  Bahia by piece $2.00

Available Types of Sod:

  • St. Augustine for Full Sunlight: Floratam
  • St. Augustine for Sun and Shade:  Seville
  • Other Types: Bahia, Bermuda, & Zoysia